Learn English with “Nice News”

Reading the news is a great way to learn English. But sometimes the news isn’t very happy and reading about what is going wrong in the world causes a lot of stress.

“Nice News” offers a solution – you can read some English and get a good feeling about what is going on in the world – learn English with nice news!

Sound good? Go to and enter your email to subscribe to the newsletter. Each day you’ll receive a message with about 10 links to stories from around the world. All stories are in English. Topics include business, science, technology, the arts, etc. – any topic where something good has happened.

I learned about “Nice News” from a LinkedIn contact, and I signed up for the email newsletter right away. It’s great to learn about people’s good deeds, new knowledge in the areas of science and technology, and also what companies are doing to make the world a better place.

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