Dresden in the BBC Spotlight

In my classes, learners sometimes ask how Germany is shown in the international press.

Here’s a great chance to find out. The BBC’s Business Daily podcast chose Dresden as the location for the last episode in its “Cost of living” series. In the week-long series, they looked at different issues connected to the rising costs of living.

What do you think of the episode? Is it a fair and correct depiction? Or do you see things differently?

We recommend the Business Daily podcast for learners who are CEFR levels B1 and above.

But maybe business isn’t your cup of tea? Find another English podcast on a topic you enjoy to improve your listening skills and vocabulary. Remember, it’s often possible to slow down the speed of most podcasts if you find that they are too fast to understand. Some podcasts offer transcripts too, which are perfect for checking on a few words if you didn’t understand them or want to find out how to spell them.

Mindy Ehrhart Krull
About the author

Originally from the US, Mindy Ehrhart Krull holds a master's degree in journalism and has been teaching English and working as an author, editor and proofreader in Germany since 2008.

At DELS, she leads a team of several English trainers and language professionals.

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