Have a job interview in English?

4 Easy Tips for Your Interview in English

Do you have a job interview in English? It can be difficult to prepare for a job interview in another language, but here are 4 easy tips:

1. Read the company’s website and look up words that are important at the company. You might know some of these words from writing your CV or resumé. Practice saying them out loud! Think of phrases you can say about your experience that use these words and practice them, too.

2. Practice your interview with a friend. Research common interview questions and ask a friend to interview you. You can try your new vocabulary and learn some common interview questions before the big day.

3. Right before your English interview, do something that uses English! You can read a book, listen to a podcast, or even talk out loud.

4. Give yourself time before your interview. Most people need a little time to start thinking in another language, and interviews are often stressful! Give yourself time to relax and think in English before your interview begins.

Interviews in English can be stressful, but with these 4 easy tips, you can go to your interview relaxed and prepared. Good luck! 

Mindy Ehrhart Krull
About the author

Originally from the US, Mindy Ehrhart Krull holds a master's degree in journalism and has been teaching English and working as an author, editor and proofreader in Germany since 2008.

At DELS, she leads a team of several English trainers and language professionals.

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