English books for summer reading

Ready for your summer holiday? Remember to pack some English books to help keep your English in shape,

B1 and B2 learners can check lists on “beach reads” or “beach reading” for native speakers. Have a look at Reader’s Digest 32 Best Beach Reads for their suggestions. Give it a try – books that are called “beach reads” are often a little easier to read than other novels.

Are you looking for less words on the page? Try a graphic novel, for example something from Goodreads’ list of Great Graphic Novels. Or pick up an English-language magazine while you’re away. It doesn’t matter what it is, reading is reading!

A2 and B1 learners can have a look at the English short stories from PONS. If you prefer crime and murder mysteries (Krimis), you might enjoy the books shown here from Circon Verlag GmbH.

We hope you can find some English books that are perfect for you this summer!

Mindy Ehrhart Krull
About the author

Originally from the US, Mindy Ehrhart Krull holds a master's degree in journalism and has been teaching English and working as an author, editor and proofreader in Germany since 2008.

At DELS, she leads a team of several English trainers and language professionals.

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