How does online English training work?

Due to the coronavirus, our classes have been online since 16 March. How does online English training work?

Here's an overview:

Online platforms:  We use Zoom in our classes. If a client has a license for another platform and would like to use that, we can use that platform instead. Skype, Microsoft Teams and AdobeConnectLesen Sie hier weiter

How to start an email during difficult times

In all parts of the world, people are facing new and uncertain realities due to the coronavirus. In your business correspondence, especially emails, it's okay to say something about the current situation.

After an email greeting (such as "Dear Peter,"), you could write a sentence such as "I hope you and your family …Lesen Sie hier weiter

Have a nice holiday? Or is it "vacation"?

It's great to take some paid time off from work and enjoy the summertime, but what is that time called? British English and American English have different terms for the same concept.

For people using British English, annual leave is called "holiday(s)".  American English calls yearly paid time off "vacation".

 The differences don't stop at the name.  In the UK, full-time employees must receive at least 28 days of holiday per year. In the US, the amount of paid time off isn't regulated by law and there's no minimum amount of paid time off per year for employees.Lesen Sie hier weiter

Now try this: German/English False Friends (answers)

Here are the answers to last week's question: Do you know the correct English translations for these German words?

bekommen:  to get  (to become = werden)

die Billion:  trillion

der Chef:  the boss

die Hochschule:  the college/university (high school (American)/grammar school (British) = das Gymnasium)

die Rente:  pension/retirement (rent = die Miete)Lesen Sie hier weiter