Small talk - Business English

Do you find it difficult to start small talk in Business English? Try a three-step strategy that can start a conversation anywhere.

1. Introduce a topic: Say something about a topic that you and your business partners have in common, for example something that you are experiencing or recently experienced. This might be the weather, a cup of coffee or buffet (buf-FAY) at a meeting or reception, slow traffic, or even the current work situation with Corona.

For example: "I find this coffee to be especially good."

2. Say something about yourself: Now that you've mentioned a topic, say something personal and positive about it.

For example: "I always need a strong cup of coffee in the morning."

3. Ask a question: Try to get a response from your conversation partner.

For example: "Do you always drink coffee in the morning, or do you prefer tea?"

Test yourself: Think of a situation where you might use small talk. Use the three-step method above and write out three sentences you could use to start small talk in Business English or even while on your holidays.